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March 26, 2010


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In my journals and lectures to students I’ll talk about “house styles” a lot and I just wanted to clear the air about my opinion on them.  In a general sense I don’t have a house style, so often times I get notes from people championing me on being one of the more aggressive bloggers/writers/artists who advocates against house styles in favor of more distinctive styles of comic book art.  And while I’m happy to advocate more original types of styles, in no way am I against house styles.

Here’s an analogy to better describe the relationship between independent and house styles:

House styles to comics are like Budweiser to beer.  Without the consistent sales of Bud and Bud Light, the beer economy in the US would crumble.  Most people like Bud--you can find it in almost any bar in the country.  When you open a cooler at a cookout, most likely you’ll be looking at Bud.  Some people drink nothing but Bud, Coors, Michelob, etc.  Even if you don’t claim to be a fan of those mainstream beers, you can chug one down and satisfy your urge to drink.  Even if you HATE mainstream beers, you have to admit that the mere presence of mainstream beer allows for the microbrews (the independent art styles of comics) to exist in an economical way.

Let’s say you’re a mainstream reader.  So you go into our proverbial pub and order your Bud.  This is what I imagine happening in your head: “Good old Budweiser!  Always there for me when I need it and it never disappoints.  Look at those microbrew assholes thinking they’re all cool with their indy beer.  They’re over-thinking their beer way too much!  What do they think this is, a wine tasting?  Why don’t they just sip their beer from tea cups and stick out their pinkies while they’re at it?!  I’m not in this pub to ‘sample beverages’ like they are—I’m here to get wasted because my job sucks and I need to escape.  Getting drunk is supposed to be exciting, not a learning experience.”

Respectfully, mainstream readers have every right to feel that way.  I’m more of a indy guy myself (microbrew most of the time) and while I don’t understand Budweiser, what I cannot say is “Budweiser sucks” because that’s a narrow minded, uneducated, thoughtless stance.  What I must say instead is “Bud’s not for me.”

Now let’s say you’re an indy reader.  Here’s what I imagine in your head: “This microbrew is great!  Different from that other microbrews in subtle ways that only a serious beer taster could understand.  As a dabbler in beer making at home, I have an appreciation for beer that those Bud Light assholes will never have.  How are they even challenged by Bud?  Doesn’t branching out help heighten their appreciation of all beers?  How could they support the evil corporation known as Budweiser?!  Don’t they know that Bud is killing the true art form of beer as a whole?  Even the label is boring! Fuck house styles!”

But what do we mean by “house styles”?  I can only speak for myself, and my broad definition would be that house styles are the styles most people associate with superhero comics.  To me (and be nice if you wildly disagree please), house styles look like a mix of Silver Age styles but modernized with a lot of Jim Lee and Adam Hughes.  The building blocks of a house style is the use of feathering, rulers for perspective, tick marks, and cross-hatching.  Usually it’s meant to be colored, so you don’t see a lot of spotted blacks.  It’s attempting to be closer to a photo than to a cartoon, although “comics” is considered to be a “cartooning medium” overall—so who knows.

While I can’t say that I’m challenged by purely house styles (yes I’m an art snob), I do appreciate them for two reasons:

First off, house styles and independent styles have a lot in common.  In my snobbier moments I’ll claim to have an indy style, but that’s false because there are a lot of marks I make which can also be found in a house style.  If you want to be a successful indy artist (meaning you want to make money), you need to have enough house style in you to act as a tether to the mainstream reader.  In other words, you want to impress everyone at the bar with your beer.  All beer is made from barley or grain (just like all comics are made from lines), so embrace the things you have in common and try to ride the line between indy and mainstream.

And secondly, I appreciate the consistent dollar that house styles bring into the industry.  Without mainstream DCU making money, there’s no way Vertigo would be able to give chances to guys like me who “ride the line” on styles.  Luckily there are enough talented house style artists who fill those roles so that I don’t have to—because I’m no good at them.

So to all those house style guys reading this—thank you for doing what you do.  We’re all in this together, and as much as I wax on about indy shit, I appreciate the work you do.  And hopefully you appreciate indy guys as well because our weirdo microbrews are driving some readers away into the comforting embrace of your consistent mainstream beer.

This Bud’s for you.
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abelgrave Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010  Professional
now I'm thirsty
razor-rabbit Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2010
eventually, everything can be explained by beer.
danielpicciotto Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
hmm...considering we have budweiser here (among other beers that are popular in the states) and they are basically all non existent and sell like sht, does that mean you guys should come down here and try some aussie beers??
and of course, by that mean artists??
WillSliney Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010  Professional Artist
Haha, I bust my ass reading this, only because I know I'm gonna get ripped on in New York for being an Irish guy drinking bud and how that in both the metaphor and the literal meaning, I just want to get wasted.
seangordonmurphy Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
You drink bud? I forgot about that. No worries mate we'll get drunk together. On COMICS.
Joshandkerrie Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
interesting conversation. I tend to agree with your rant. Comics in general sell because "superstars" like Silvestry and Mcfarlen are putting a product out there that is in demand. The market being as big as it is can't help but support the indy guys like you. Having grown up in the art world I appreciate technically good artwork. I enjoy finding different styles that still adhere to certain rules of art but I hate looking at so many hundreds of comics in order to find that handful that are stylized well AND reasonably acurate. I had an art teacher in high school say you can't just slop paint on a canvas and call it art, you must know the rules of art before you can break the rules of art. It's called artistic license.
seangordonmurphy Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2010
Great points. And thanks for reading.
russiantea87 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2010   Writer
I keep consistently sayin' it, man: you need to at least guest-speak once in Arizona! Honestly, with your frank insight and relatable carriage you'd be treated like a crowned viking.
Do it man. Come to Pheonix. We'll give you gold.
JeffStokely Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2010  Professional
You sir, I like the New Castle of the industry. Inspirational to me. My personal favorite beer.

Cheers :beer:
ComicMunky Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2010  Professional General Artist
What about European Beer markets? South American or Asian Beer Markets? ...or comic industries for that matter. They don't seem to have the house style/indie style problem. Variety is embraced if not enforced and the the prototypical house styles become the filler for the unwilling to change. Perhaps the North American market needs to take some cues from industries that have been doing this for a bit longer.
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